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Tausendund­eine Nacht


Chris Pichler lends her voice to the amorous adventures in “One Thousand and One Nights“ and Murat Coşkun and his Ensemble Misafir bei der Styriarte 2021 Ensemble Misafir open the treasure chest of jazz with a little oriental spice.


3 Mitglieder des Ensemble Misafir

What to expect:

Oriental-jazzy sound adventures meet stories from “Tales of a Thousand and One Nights” in a translation by Gustav Weil (1841)

Ensemble Misafir


Orient und Okzident, Vergangenheit und Gegenwart, Weltliches und Sakrales: Sie alle wachsen zusammen, bilden ein unerhört verspieltes und farbenfrohes Neues, wenn der deutsch-türkische Sänger und Perkussionist Murat Coşkun seine besten Freund*innen um sich schart. Eine weitgereiste, illustre Virtuosenrunde im ost-westlichen Klanggespräch.

Chris Pichler


Countless theatre and film successes throughout the German-speaking world are on the CV of the actress born in Linz in 1969. She is also a singer, (opera) director and author and creates her own roles from the records of important women - from Beethoven's housekeeper to Empress Sisi and Jackie Kennedy.


Amorous adventurers and jazz spiced up with a touch of the orient

In the “Tales of a Thousand and One Nights”, which is included in the canon of world literature and rightly so, the legendary Princess Scheherazade uses her imagination and story-telling skills to prevent a caliph, who has been disappointed in love, from committing murder.  Chris Pichler is the voice of the amorous adventurers, and Murat Coşkun and his ensemble Misafir open the treasure chest of jazz spiced up with a touch of the orient.

The performance lasts 60-70 minutes without an interval.

Prices: EUR 33 / 55 / 88