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Tina Quartey

Tina Quartey vor gelbem Rapsfeld

Tina Quartey

The pioneer of the drum kit in Swedish folk and world music is a master of pleasant sounds. She spreads her love for percussion music both as a teacher and as a performer on stage.

About the artist

Percussion professional of Swedish folk and world music

Tina Quartey has been active for more than thirty years, passing on her percussion music, both on stage as a performer and in her long career as a teacher. She has been a pioneer of percussion in Swedish folk and world music and in Spelsmans music, performing with groups such as Filarfolket, Groupa, the Nordan project with Lena Willemark and Ale Möller, the group Alwa and the duo with Mats Edén.

She is also a frequent soloist. Her main instruments are congas, shekeré, berimbau, udu and batá, plus various cymbals, gongs, bells, singing bowls and other pleasant sounds.

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