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Die Löwinnen


Gender Equality: The all-female singers of Nobuntu in bunten Kleidern posieren für die Kamera Nobuntu from Zimbabwe raise their voices with powerful and authentic African a cappella sounds.

PSALM 2022

Be The Change

"Be The Change" is the theme of the Easter Festival Psalm 2022 in Graz and draws on "17 Sustainable Development Goals" of the United Nations. What can we all do to create a world that is fair, free and safe for everyone? Psalm 2022 seeks the answer with the help of seven of these goals, which are illuminated with great music. 


Nobuntu in bunten Kleidern

Goal 5: Gender Equality

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Traditional and new a-cappella music from southern Africa with one of the first female Imbube groups from Zimbabwe. Imbube is the Zulu word for lion.


Prices: EUR 46 | 26

Subscription (four performances of free choice)
U27 / Ö1 Intro / Club Ö1



With authentic African music, the a cappella group from Zimbabwe celebrates the beauty and richness of their culture. Consisting of five female singers, Nobuntu sets important impulses for change in an otherwise male domain.


For a better and freer future

All over the world, women take their fate into their own hands and sometimes they transform society in the process. The Nobuntu singers live in Zimbabwe and tell of a land on the brink of change. They speak of the ancient traditions of their culture and how problems these give rise to are attributed to women. They have a very personal way of envisaging a better and freer future for themselves and other women, without abandoning their traditions.

With us you are sure to get into the concert :)