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Il Decamerone


Lust and quarantine: Karl Markovic blickt ernst und direkt in die Kamera Karl Markovics reads the most tingling episodes from Boccaccio's "Decamerone", and Michael Posch's Ensemble Unicorn auf der Bühne Ensemble Unicorn takes us into the sound world of the Florentine Renaissance.


What to expect:

Ballatae, Madrigale and Estampien from the time of Giovanni Boccaccio, a.o. from Johannes Ciconia, Giovanni da Firenze, Magister Piero, Codex Rossi, Codex Faenza, Codex Torinoand from the London Manuskript

Reading from the novellas by Giovanni Boccaccio’s “Il Decamerone”

Karl Markovics


The superstar of national cinema fascinates his audience with ever new facets. His career, which began in 1994 with "Kommissar Rex" and was crowned in 2008 with the leading role in the Oscar-winning Ruzowitzy film "The Counterfeiters", he now also continues as a stage director. Styriarte loves his incredibly impressive guest performances as a reader.

Ensemble Unicorn


Vom Mittelalter bis zur frühen Renaissance erstreckt sich die wundersame Klangwelt dieses 1991 gegründeten Ensembles. Im Kern besteht es aus fünf hochkarätigen Spezialisten für längst vergessene Spielweisen und Musiktraditionen, die ihr profundes Wissen um das Alte mit unbändiger Spielfreude und höchster Improvisationskunst ins Leben holen.


Florence, 1348:

A “jolly group” of three men and seven women is fleeing the plague. They spend ten days in a beautiful garden in Fiesole, telling ten stories about love each day. The Florentine poet Giovanni Boccaccio recounted those 100 love stories in his Decamerone, the “book of the ten days”. This most famous collection of novellas from the early Renaissance is a perfect anthology of love’s lust and betrayal, grotesque misunderstandings and witty intrigues. Famous Austrian actor Karl Markovics reads the most ribald excerpts from the Decamerone, while the Unicorn Ensemble provides the sublime sound of Trecento music.

The performance lasts 60-70 minutes without an interval.

Prices: EUR 22 / 44 / 66


  • Ö1 Clubmembers: 10% off for two tickets

  • Ö1 Intro: the "Kultüröffner" for everybody younger than 30

  • U27: 50% off for people younger than 27