Superman & Co


Superman: Secret Origins (October 2010). Art by Gary Frank and Jon Sibal. Superman, Captain America and India Jones meet the crazy bassoons - Fagotes Locos Fagotes Locos - around Leonard Eröd and thus the real heroes of this film music evening. 


What to expect

Conan-Suite (Basil Poledouris), Superman Main Theme (John Williams), Captain America March (Alan Silvestri), Indiana Jones (John Williams), Fledermaus-Ouvertüre (Johann Strauß), Wilhelm Tell-Ouvertüre (Gioacchino Rossini)

Duration: around 70 minutes without a break


Prices: EUR 22 / 44 / 66

U27 (for all under 27) & Ö1 Intro: 50 % reduction
Ö1 Club & Standard Abo: 10 % reduction

Fagotes Locos


The Fagotes Locos come from the ranks of the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna and have already had quite a few successes as a witty ensemble: From their debut concert in the “Glassy Hall” of the Vienna Musikverein to numerous radio appearances, the crazy bassoons amaze with creative and entertaining arrangements.

Leonard Eröd


The bassoonist, born in Graz in 1977, is active as a soloist and chamber musician in ensembles such as the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna and the Fagotes Locos. As part of the “RSO Musiklabor”, he organises workshops in school classes and, in addition to his work as an arranger, is interested in playing on historical instruments.


film music for five crazy fellow bassoon players

The themes that inspire Hollywood‘s composers to write their best music are quite something: Superman lies down on a defective rail and a high-speed train hurtles over him; Batman goes underground in Gotham City; Conan splits a rock in two with superhuman strength. Leonard Eröd and Fagotes Locos, his five crazy fellow bassoon players, have made a a highly amusing panorama of the best superhero film music by John Williams and Alan Silvestri among others.