Georg Kroneis

Georg Kroneis mit Sonnenbrille und Gambe
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Georg Kroneis

Der Grazer singt und spielt Viola da Gamba, Kontrabass, Barockcello und Barockgitarre in den Ensembles Fetish Baroque und ĀrtHouse17 sowie ĀrtHouseOpera und ist in Musiktheater- und Zirkustheaterproduktionen des Cirque Noël von Adrian Schvarzstein umtriebig. Georg reist aber auch mit Soloprogrammen in Europa und darüber hinaus.

About the artist

Georg Kroneis mit Art House 17 beim Sytriarte Picknick-Konzert 2023

Multifaceted multi-talent

Georg loves mathematics and chocolate, likes to go hiking, has degrees in electrotechnics at TU Graz (MSc) and music at Bruckner University in Linz (MA), studied at MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), he is a Feldenkrais tutor, bums cigarettes, has never drunken coffee and once wanted to become motorman or child prodigy until it turned out, that for at least one of those it was already too late ...

As actor Georg is on television and cinema screens as well as in netflix and amazon prime series.

Georg sings and plays the viol, double bass, baroque cello and baroque guitar in Fetish Baroque and ĀrtHouse17 & ĀrtHouseOpera, in the music theatre production FUGIT of street theatre group Kamchàtka and in Seasons - a Cirque Noël production by Adrian Schvarzstein, at festivals like the styriarte, Festival Potsdam Sanssouci, Utrecht Early Music Festival but also in CLASSIC MEETS FETISH at Folsom Berlin and on the Darklands Mainstage at Leather Pride Belgium.

Since he was awarded the Österreichische Startstipendium Kunst by the Kulturministerium des Staates Österreich Georg travels with his solo program inside Europe and to countries like Lebanon, Australia and Pakistan. He is repeatedly supported by the Austrian Embassy, the Goethe Institut (Germany) and the SCAC - cultural program of the French embassy.

In 2019/2020 Georg’s installation performance “Fetish Black Box” was installed at Wabe Berlin, in the Kunsthaus Graz during “Performance NOW” and at the 3-day clubbing event Darklands in Antwerp, Belgium. He published an article entitled "Touching on Fetish Black Box - A Haptic Performance" about his installation performance and artistic research in July 2020 in the journal World Futures - The Journal of New Paradigm Research by Taylor & Francis, London.

In June 2021 Georg presented the performance installation TRAILER OF YOUR LIFE at Vienna’s renowned Jazz Club Porgy & Bess funded by Stadt Graz, Land Steiermark and the Austrian Bundesministerium for Culture and Arts collaborating in realtime with international artists featuring Mohsin Shafi (Lahore, Pakistan), Colin Self (New York/Berlin), Evilyn Frantic (Helsinki, Finland), Karim Nader and Pierre Geagea (Beirut, Lebanon), Vedado Consort (Paris, France), Esther and Jonas Slanzi (Winterthur, Switzerland), Thomas Höft and Jutta Heinrich (Germany) and co-artist Edda Rosemann as well as composer Flora Geißelbrecht’s world premier of Ephemeral for viol & voice.

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