Clara singt im Wald
© Nikola Milatovic with director Maria Fürntratt


With his gently archaic story from the womb - narrated by Yvonne Klamant lachend in roter Bluse Yvonne Klamant and Christoph Steiner lachend Christoph Steiner - Lorenz Maierhofer opens the view into the lap of humanity. The unborn Clara is accompanied on her way to the light of day by the .


A story of the future

CLARA - 10 weeks before her birth – reflects with her parents on fateful cycles of life. With them she looks back to the roots of humanity and fantasizes about the future. Lorenz Maierhofer’s story, composed with music, texts and images, recalls embryonic beginnings. The child in us nods in approval: CLARA, a story of happiness with songs, chansons and texts that does us good.


The musical future history of an unborn girl by Lorenz Maierhofer 
by Lorenz Maierhofer (world premiere)  

Duration: around 70 minutes without a break


Prices: EUR 20 | 38 | 58

Subscription (four performances of free choice)
Reductions: U27 / Ö1 Intro / Club Ö1

The performance is courtesy of the publisher HELBLING. 
CLARA has been published as
a reading and audio book, as an audio book CD and for performance as a choral and solo edition.

Yvonne Klamant

Story teller

Since 2016, Yvonne Klamant has been playing multifaceted roles at the Graz Opera and in the children's and youth theatre Next Liberty. In addition to the stage, visual art is the German actress's second home - she paints and draws by hand and digitally.

Christoph Steiner

Story teller

As an actor, author, singer and Austrian poetry slam champion, Graz-born Christoph Steiner is at home on many stages and is convincing both as a musical performer at the Graz Opera and as a permanent ensemble member at the Next Liberty.


Under the direction of Maria Fürntratt, the singers of the, consisting of students of the HIB Graz-Liebenau, have been offered comprehensive vocal training since 1995. In numerous international performances from Norway to South Africa and Shanghai to San Francisco, the choir's repertoire ranges from Austrian choral tradition to contemporary music.

Maria Fürntratt


The Graz-based teacher of school music, singing and French has received numerous educational and artistic awards for her choral work at the HIB Graz-Liebenau - most recently the Nikolaus Harnoncourt Culture Prize of the Province of Styria in 2018. Maria Fürntratt has also been a senior lecturer for choral pedagogy, teaching and vocal practice and children's and youth voice training at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz since 2007.

Magdalena Fürntratt

Harp & Vocals

Magdalena Fürntratt was already composing for the recorder at the age of seven - shortly afterwards she dedicated herself to the harp. After completing three degrees at Graz University of Arts, the multi-award-winning harpist and composer is active internationally as a soloist, ensemble and orchestral musician - for example in China with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

David J. Lipp

Piano & Voice

His speciality is wrapping music in new clothes. As a multi-instrumentalist and music teacher, David Johannes Lipp learnt his unconventionally fabulous craft for piano, vocals, drums, guitar and bass at the London College of Contemporary Music, among others. As a soloist and in the ranks of many different bands, he sometimes turns legendary hard rock riffs from AC/DC into grooving jazz tunes.

Lorenz Maierhofer

Violin & Composer

Styrian Lorenz Maierhofer is one of Europe's leading composers specialising in choral music. He is also an arranger, editor, juror, lecturer, conductor and musician. The all-round artist also pursues other careers - as a poet and language performer as well as a painter and an illustrator.