Under Marco Ambrosini mit Nyckelharpa Marco Ambrosini 's direction, Ensemble Oni Wytars Ensemble Oni Wytars and its top-class guests travel musically around the Mediterranean.


What to expect

Music around the Mediterranean, between the Middle Ages and today, between Orient and Occident

Duration: about 65 minutes without an interval  


Prices: EUR 22 / 44 / 66

U27 / Ö1 Intro / Club Ö1

Ensemble Oni Wytars


Shimmering, dancing and unbelievably lively, the cultures grow together when this excellent ensemble, formed around Marco Ambrosini, Katharina Dustmann, Peter Rabanser, Michael Posch and Riccardo Delfino, celebrates the sounds of the Mediterranean. The elaborate celebrates a marriage with the popular, just as the Orient celebrates a marriage with the Occident.

Marco Ambrosini


The violinist, violist and composer from Forlì, Italy, is considered a leading virtuoso on the Swedish key fiddle, called nyckelharpa. In addition to award-winning excursions into the world of jazz, his stylistic home is in Early Music, which he explores as a member of the most renowned ensembles (including Oni Wytars since 1983).


Oni Wytars creates a musical panorama

These days there is a massive gulf separating the rich north from the poor south and it is easy to forget that the Mediterranean lands were once the hub of affluence and culture in the western world. Northern Africa and southern Europe were centres of culture, not only in ancient times, but up until a few hundred centuries ago. With distinguished guests and an array of exotic instruments, Oni Wytars creates a musical panorama crossing the borders of time, countries and traditions, which often turn out to be no borders at all. A journey around the Mediterranean. 

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