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The Dance of Life

June 23 to July 23, 2017

In the beginning, there was movement. It only takes a moment of reflection to understand that everything comes from movement: energy is movement, life is movement. From the behaviour of the smallest particles to the whole universe and yes, even space and time – everything is movement. Including of course human culture. Everything we say is movement and couldn’t that lead us to conclude that our most elemental arts are in fact music and dance?

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La Margarita

A baroque horse ballet
Nancy Horowitz
Eszter Haffner, Violine © Nancy Horowitz
Eszter Haffner, Violine

Ungarische Tänze

July 20, 2017 - Helmut List Halle

It's time for a SOAP

There are concerts where instead of leaning back comfortably, you are sitting bold upright on the edge of your seat – excited to see what comes next. There is simply so much to see that you don’t want to miss a single moment – that’s styriarte.SOAP

tanzende Füße, barfuß

Everybody dance!

So what is a festival dedicated to dance supposed to do? The best bet is to find the secret to a happy marriage and give everybody the space to indulge their passions. This is exactly what our grand styriarte dance programmes are intended for. In the first part, you will hear dance music as part of a great concert – music that you simply want to listen to wholeheartedly, without getting distracted. The second part, however, allows everybody, who wants to physically experience the music, to get their money’s worth. From the concert stage at Helmut List Halle, we’ll head straight to the ballroom in the back, where the musicians will invite you to take part. Needless to say, you are also welcome to simply listen, if you like. But all those who want more can accept our invitation: everybody dance!

Concentus Harmonie © Werner Kmetitsch
Concentus Harmonie

Concentus Musicus

Barocke Tänze bestimmen die styriarte 2017 in vielen Spielarten:

Der Concentus Musicus Wien führt am 8. Juli „Bach pur“ im Gepäck. Erich Höbarth ist der Solist an der Violine, Stefan Gottfried leitet den Abend vom Cembalo aus. Telemann und Händel stehen auf einem zweiten Programm von Harnoncourts Orchester – pünktlich zum 300. Geburtstag der „Wassermusik“ am 11. Juli.

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