styriarte - die steirichen Festspiele - Sujet 2019 "Daphne"_Foto and design by Birgit Mörtl - and Posproduction by Philipp Schulz - styriarte-Sujet 2019 "Dafne" © Birgit Mörtl - - Foto and design
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styriarte - die steirichen Festspiele - Sujet 2019 "Daphne"


June 21 to July 21, 2019


styriarte 2019
June 21 to July 21

We are all aware that the world is constantly changing. Our environment is changing, our life is changing, we are changing. Constantly and perpetually. Very often, we are not all too happy about that. For we would like everything to stay the way it used to be, so that we know what is going on, feel safe and have to worry less. Of course, this is an illusion – and a dangerous one at that because we have very little influence on the transformations occurring around us. People in antiquity already understood that and they did what has characterised the human experience ever since: capturing the world in pictures and stories, in faith and art, to give meaning to it. … >>more

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