Werner Kmetitsch © Werner Kmetitsch

Everybody dance!

So what is a festival dedicated to dance supposed to do? The best bet is to find the secret to a happy marriage and give everybody the space to indulge their passions. This is exactly what our grand styriarte dance programmes are intended for. In the first part, you will hear dance music as part of a great concert – music that you simply want to listen to wholeheartedly, without getting distracted. The second part, however, allows everybody, who wants to physically experience the music, to get their money’s worth. From the concert stage at Helmut List Halle, we’ll head straight to the ballroom in the back, where the musicians will invite you to take part. Needless to say, you are also welcome to simply listen, if you like. But all those who want more can accept our invitation: everybody dance!

Gitanes Blondes © Leonie Maren Buehler
Gitanes Blondes
Very Klezmer
June 27, 8 pm, Helmut List Halle
After the concert we’ll head straight to the ballroom in the back.
Alternatively, there is the Jewish wedding menu in the restaurant tent next to the Helmut Listhalle.
walzer biedermeier
Alles Walzer
June 29, 8 pm, Helmut List Halle
On June 29, Bernd Glemser plays the most beautiful and virtuos piano waltzes from Schubert to Chopin. After the concert the backstage becomes the ballroom, inviting all guests to satisfy their urge to dance.
VOU dance company © fotofusion
VOU dance company
In die Südsee
June 30, 8 pm, Helmut List Halle
After the performance of the VOU Dance Company from Fiji, which is devoted to the indigenous dance "In the South Seas", there is a party for everyone in styriarte.BALLROOM.
Ensemble Sarband und tanzende Derwische beim PSALM 2016 © Harry Schiffer
Ensemble Sarband und tanzende Derwische beim PSALM 2016
Turn back
July 7, 8 pm, Helmut List Halle
After the dance of the dervishes in Vladimir Ivanoff's project "Turn Back" we celebrate a party together with our audience in styriarte.BALLROOM.
Tango Nuevo
July 8, 8 pm, Helmut List Halle
Marcelo Nisinman sings the "Tango Nuevo" from his bandoneon together with his trio, afterwards in the Ballroom you can dance to the sounds of a tango.
July 14, 8 pm, Helmut List Halle
First a hot Rock’n’Roll programme and afterwardshot dances in the ballroom.
Tanzboden in Stübing © Werner Kmetitsch
Tanzboden in Stübing
July 22, 6 pm, Freilichtmuseum Stübing
Physical activity is in demand in the museum village Stübing, on the great day of dances of the world, when the styriarte and its audience perform a "Dance.World.Travel".