styriarte 2020 - Geschenke der Nacht © styriarte 2020 - Geschenke der Nacht

styriarte 2020

June 19 to July 19, 2020

Gifts of the Night

Some seek rest and peacefulness at night, others arousal and adventure.  Be that as it may, night always invokes particularly strong feelings, which is why composers have always sung the praises of all the different facets of night. In 2020 the styriarte gives itself over to musical revelations of the night, inspired by Johann Joseph Fux’s opera “The Gifts of the Night”. Continuing the thrilling journey of discovery through the masterpieces of the great Styrian baroque composer, the third Fux.OPERNFEST is once again fired by the southern flair of conductor Alfredo Bernardini, and produced and choreographed by Jörg Weinöhl.

While the gifts of the night brought to us in the magnificent baroque opera are sublime and dreamy, those in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s great night opera “Don Giovanni” are of an entirely carnal nature. Maestro Andrés Orozco-Estrada evokes with great passion this dramatic story of insatiable desire and it is staged by that wizard of street theatre Adrian Schvarzstein.

Jordi Savall transports us into the vibrant nights of Versailles at the time of Louis XIV, while Vladimir Ivanoff tells of nights in the orient. And the styriarte has treats in store for those seeking out-of-the ordinary experiences other than those of the traditional concert, whether it be on a long midsummer night in Stübing, a night of full moon in a palace park, or partaking of the multifarious musical pleasures to be had at Palais Attems in Graz.


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