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Die Wasser­frau


Clean Water: With Scandinavian folk music, the wondrous Grammy winner Miriam Andersén mit verwehten Haaren Miriam Andersén tells stories of life-bringing water and mythical creatures by means of Scandinavian folk music.

PSALM 2022

Be The Change

"Be The Change" is the theme of the Easter Festival Psalm 2022 in Graz and draws on "17 Sustainable Development Goals" of the United Nations. What can we all do to create a world that is fair, free and safe for everyone? Psalm 2022 seeks the answer with the help of seven of these goals, which are illuminated with great music. 


Miriam Andersén spielt Harfe

Goal 6: Clean Water

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water for all

Stories about water, wells, springs, and their guardians, related by Miriam Andersén and her fellow musicians. Folk music from northern Europe.


Prices: EUR 46 | 26

Subscription (four performances of free choice)
U27 / Ö1 Intro / Club Ö1

Miriam Andersén

The Grammy winner Miriam Andersén is one of Scandinavia’s most renowned singers. As a prestigious harpist and performer of medieval styles of music, she is also an expert on Swedish folk music.

Susanne Ansorg


She received her first violin lessons at the age of four and is now a worldwide renowned fiddle player: Susanne Ansorg, born in Germany, devotes herself to the study of instruments and performance practice of the Middle Ages and performs with various ensembles for medieval music around the globe.

Anna Rynefors

Nyckelharpa, Säckpipa & Träskofiol

Using ancient Nordic traditional instruments, the freelance musician and producer captivates audiences around the world. Even the youngest among them are enthusiastic about the multi-instrumentalist: Anna Rynefors’ children’s show “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” was performed in front of thousands of children and families.

Tina Quartey


The pioneer of the drum kit in Swedish folk and world music is a master of pleasant sounds. She spreads her love for percussion music both as a teacher and as a performer on stage.


Nordic songs and stories about the water

The sea is a characteristic feature of Scandinavia and Scandinavia is in general a damp place. The land is cloaked in mist and springs bubble up everywhere. Glaciers feed rivers and lakes, and there are wondrous old stories about all of these things. Trolls, elves, and gnomes guard the streams, for since the earliest times, people have known how valuable the essential, life-giving water is. Miriam Andersén and her friends have many a song to sing about it all.

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