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Queer Passion


Reduced Inequalities: With a topical text, Johann Sebastian Bach 1746, mit Rätselkanon (Ölgemälde von Elias Gottlob Haußmann) Bach's St John Passion now tells about the persecution of queer people and thus becomes something entirely new.

PSALM 2022

Be The Change

"Be The Change" is the theme of the Easter Festival Psalm 2022 in Graz and draws on "17 Sustainable Development Goals" of the United Nations. What can we all do to create a world that is fair, free and safe for everyone? Psalm 2022 seeks the answer with the help of seven of these goals, which are illuminated with great music. 


Thomas Höft auf buntem Sofa

Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

Reduce inequality within and among countries.

Johann Sebastian Bach: Music from the St John Passion, BWV 245,
new lyrics by Thomas Höft


Prices: EUR 46 | 26

Subscription (four performances of free choice)
U27 / Ö1 Intro / Club Ö1

Susanne Elmark


Susanne Elmark is a German-Danish coloratura soprano dedicated to the classical opera and concert repertoire as well as contemporary music. Numerous works dedicated to her and performances at the world’s greatest opera houses and concert halls prove that the singer is brimming with outstanding expertise.

Yosemeh Adjei


The countertenor with Ghanaian roots was born in Nuremberg and initially trained on the trumpet. Today, Yosemeh Adjei delights audiences internationally with his unique voice as a singer on concert and opera stages.

Dietrich Henschel

The stylistic range of the Berlin baritone, born in 1967, extends from Monteverdi to contemporary premieres. In between are huge roles such as Mozart's Don Giovanni or Busoni's Doktor Faust, which won him a Grammy in 2001. In addition to his engagements at Europe's great theatres, Dietrich Henschel's devotion is also to the Lied.

Markus Schäfer

The versatile tenor conquered the stages of the world with performances of Mozart and Bach’s Evangelist roles and celebrated successes as a Lied interpreter at lots of “Schubertiaden”. Under Nikolaus Harnoncourt he participated in a recording of the “St. Matthew Passion”, which was awarded a Grammy.

Raphael Höhn


The singer gained his first stage experience as an alto soloist with the Zurich Boys’ Choir and then styrted his studies in classical singing. His broad repertoire ranges from Renaissance to contemporary music, but Raphael Höhn’s passion lies especially within the interpretation of baroque works.

Ārt House 17

Tief hineintauchen in die historische Musik und ihre Geschichte(n): das ist die Mission des frisch gegründeten Ensembles Ārt House 17. Dazu haben Michael Hell und Georg Kroneis einige der besten Spezialist:innen ihres Fachs um sich versammelt. Ihr Repertoire reicht von Pergolesi über Mozart bis zu Offenbach.

Michael Hell

Cembalo, Blockflöte

Michael Hell, geboren in Nordrhein-Westfalen, ist sowohl auf der Blockflöte als auch am Cembalo ein Virtuose, dessen Ruf weit über seine Grazer Wahlheimat hinausreicht. Zudem ist er führender Experte für Generalbass und historische Aufführungspraxis, der Regeln und Geschichte(n) seiner Kunst mit ansteckender Begeisterung zu vermitteln weiß.

Thomas Höft

Dramatic adviser

Seit 1994 prägen seine Ideen und Erzählungen das Antlitz und die DNA des Hauses Styriarte entscheidend mit. Neben der Dramaturgie, in der sein unkonventioneller Expertensinn für Musikgeschichte(n) immer neue Überraschungen aufspürt, ist der 1961 geborene Niedersachse auch Autor und Regisseur mit europaweitem Wirkungskreis.


the biblical story of the Passion told in an another way

What if J. S. Bach had not set the suffering of Christ to music but had instead taken the persecution of queer people as his subject? There was no chance of that happening because in the Europe of Bach’s day queer people were held in deep contempt. Fortunately, things are different now, which is why Thomas Höft, Ārt House 17 and an illustrious group of soloists are taking a fresh approach to Bach’s St John Passion, which will be performed with a completely new text. This is not to detract from the biblical story of the Passion, which plays no part whatsoever in this version, but to tell a quite different story of suffering.

With us you are sure to get into the concert :)