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Ein Bericht über den Besuch des Recreation-Konzertes Weihnachtsoratorium.

Von Mirabel Ekhae | Neue Wege für die Klassik

Working for Styriarte can be quite interesting and pleasing. Because you can see weeks of planning, coming up with new ideas and decisions making to give the guest a memorable evening. 

For the past few years, I have been working for Styriarte, it has been a good experience. I have been able to listen to many concerts of outstanding artists. Like Eddie Luis und Die Gnadenlosen, Giora Feidman and Jordi Savall. Watching them play gives me goosebumps and joy.  

I prefer orchestral to a solo performance. The best part of an orchestral performance is hearing different types of sounds coming together and creating a lovely melody. This is why I am a fan of Jordi Savall, a Grammy award winner. I admire the way he conducts and his ability to catch the audience’s attention. 


What I adored the most was when the choir and orchestra assembled on the stage and performed together. It’s very appealing to detect different types of tones coming together to forge a melody which is very delightful to the ears. 

The hall (Minoritensaal) was ideal for the concert. The designs on the wall were beautiful. 

I really enjoy listening to the "Weihnachtsoratorium" because that is my preferred type of classical music.  

The "Echo-Aria" was my least favourite part of the program because I found it a bit eerie. The two voices did not blend together in my opinion. 

It’s a pity we couldn’t see the man of the hour Jordi Savall perform as he had to cancel the concert due to illness. 

Zur Autorin: 

Die 21-jährige Schülerin Mirabel Ekhae aus Graz arbeitet seit 2017 im Konzertteam im Hause Styriarte und zählt somit trotz ihres jungen Alters schon zum „alten Eisen“. Wenn sie sich nicht gerade um die Zufriedenheit der Konzertbesucher:innen kümmert, beschäftigt sie sich mit Themen wie Feminismus oder plant in Gedanken den nächsten Städtetrip. 

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